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FEPCOS-J implements a Java language extension that enables developers to declaratively compose networked systems like building blocks.

In a nutshell



FEPOCS-J supports the development of composed networked systems by simplifying the required concurrency specification and completely automating low-level network programming.

FEPCOS-J implements a domain-specific Java language extension based on the FEPCOS-Model and provides:

The Java annotations enable the structured specification of networked systems. In particular, FEPCOS-J provides the annotation @Part, which enables a Java developer to declaratively compose networked systems like building blocks.

fjp evaluates the annotations and generates code; fjx enables both blocking and concurrent access to the systems over the network.

FEPCOS-J is prototype software for the Linux operating system that Gerhard Fuchs independently develops as part of the FEPCOS-Project.

Detailed descriptions are available in the publications. The application of FEPCOS-J is also shown in a German-language video, using the example of a swarm of toy robots.

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