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Programming composed networked systems.

In a nutshell


Programming composed networked systems requires specifying network interfaces, protocols, and cross-system concurrency. Compared to the programming of the individual systems, this is an additional effort. The aim of the FEPCOS-Project is to simplify the programming of composed networked systems by reducing this additional effort.

Founder and Contact

The founder of the FEPCOS-Project is Gerhard Fuchs.

Photo of Gerhard Fuchs

Gerhard Fuchs

The computer scientist who founded the FEPCOS-Project to simplify the programming of composed networked systems.

He is also the contact person for the FEPCOS-Project.
email: admin@fepcos.info

First results

Icon of FEPCOS-J


FEPCOS-J im­ple­ments a Java lan­guage ex­ten­sion that en­ables de­vel­op­ers to de­clar­a­tive­ly com­pose net­worked sys­tems like build­ing blocks.

Icon of FEPCOS-Model


The FEPCOS-Model is the abstract basis for the tools developed as part of the FEPCOS-Project.


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»FEPCOS« is an acronym for »FramEwork for the Programming of COmposed Systems«. The creator of the acronym is Gerhard Fuchs.

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